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Managing and operating online dating and travel websites

About Us

Contemporary international online social networking websites are complex and unsustainable cross-cultural communication platforms that require cost-effective marketing and promotional activities as well as constantly qualified technical maintenance and support to adjust to the fast-moving context.

We are a team of professionals focusing on international online dating services with worldwide coverage. We hope that our expertise and deep experience will not only benefit our clients but also improve online social networking industry itself.

Our team consists of internal professionals and external service providers with solid IT and marketing background that are capable to cover business needs.

Our main aim is to make online communication faster, easier and user-friendly.

What We Do

Our projects contain social network communication platforms that allow their members to chat, send letters, call, share photos and make presents worldwide with high level of safety and security.

While operating websites we deal with managing cross-platform digital marketing, software development and technical support services on daily basis to ensure high quality of the services we provide.


Our project websites have the effective user identification and content moderation systems that allow to keep the high level of safety and security for our members.

Risk Management, Processing and
Payment Systems

All the payments on the websites are made through the well-known international payment systems (Visa, MC, Amex, etc.) and alternative methods (PayPal, Skrill, etc.). SOL Networks Limited has agreements for the card processing services with a worldwide known company PayPal. Moreover, we have an internal Risk Department that controls and examines all fraud and suspicious transactions on the websites.
Our project websites are aligned with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and use McAfee Secure and Norton Secure.

Hosting Services

We also deal with internet hosting services providers (Akamai Technologies (Israel), Stafford Associates (UK), EleView International (USA) to support non-stop 24/7/365 access to the web-sites. We guaranty the delivery of online services to customers without delays and setbacks with high level of network support and backup and disaster recovery.

Website Development

Website software development, revision and adjustments are the major part of SOL Networks Limited activities. We use both internal and external resources to update and modify online platforms of our websites.

Digital Marketing

To operate and promote our clients social networking websites we use wide range of cutting edge tools and technologies, as an example, but not limited to search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), referral marketing, building affiliate and partners programs, etc.
We have day-to-day focus on maintaining and improving core growth drivers to increase your conversion rates of the websites that directly influence financial outcomes.

Our CEO Chau Ka Yan Karen

"The world is getting better and smaller. High technologies
make the communication around easier, faster and of high quality.
If you want to lead in the fast-developing online communication industry
you should meet the demand of your customers and
create the services they will buy and use. We identify online dating
core values and deliver services to our customers in the most
qualified and user-friendly way."
The world is getting better and close. High technologies
makes the communications around easier, faster and of high quality.
If you want to lead in the fast-developing online communications
you need to forecast the sensitive demand of the customers and
create the services they will buy and use. We identify online dating
core values and deliver services to the customers in the most
qualified and user-friendly way.
Let's celebrate!
SolNetworks Limited team celebrating the upcoming Year of the Rat just before Chinese New Year 2020 started. It was a wonderful evening in good company, great food and spirits
the 4th anniversary of the office
Hong Kong office Birthday party at the boat
Last weekend at 30th of September Hong Kong office had a team building dedicated to 4th anniversary of the office. It was launched at 1st of September 2015.

All of the Hong Kong office team and new employees were invited to join the junk boat party! The boat left from Sai Kung and sailed to Sai Wan beach- we had a lot of fun with wake board activities, banana boat and floats.

Truly great party and great people!

Sol Networks Limited have expanded our team and added an additional office
New office
Sol Networks Limited have expanded our team and added an additional office.
The new team is working with new project developing apps in the social media industry. Check out our job positions for more details

Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love...
Corporate Engagement with Food Angel
Last weekend SOL Networks Limited team volunteered in making hot meals food from edible surplus food in Food Angel central kitchens.
The mission of this program is "Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love", the program rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste.
Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items are prepared as nutritious hot meals in our central kitchens and redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. The program is great example of conscious consumption of food and a good team building!
Corporate life of the company
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